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Chevrolet Corvette Logo: Meaning, Evolution, and PNG Logo

The fleur-de-lis emblem on the Chevrolet Corvette is a symbol of peace, purity, elegance, and sophistication.

Chevrolet Corvette Logo Evolution

How did "CORVETTE" get its Name?

The name "Corvette" originates in the world of naval terminology. The term "corvette" originally referred to a small, maneuverable warship used by several European navies in the 17th and 18th centuries. These ships were typically fast and agile, designed for independent operations, and often used for patrolling and escort duties.

When Chevrolet was developing its two-seater sports car in the early 1950s, the Division was searching for a name that would embody the qualities of speed, agility, and excitement associated with this sports car. During this process, Myron Scott, who worked as an assistant director of public relations at General Motors (GM), is credited with suggesting the name "Corvette" for the new sports car.

While browsing a dictionary at home, he came across the word "corvette" and was drawn to its representation of a sleek and agile vessel. Scott recognized the parallels between the qualities of the naval corvettes and the desired attributes of the Chevrolet sports car being developed. Additionally, the name "Corvette" also fulfilled the criterion of avoiding animal-related names or words.

The name "Corvette" was ultimately chosen as it successfully captured the essence of speed, agility, and excitement that Chevrolet wanted to convey with their new sports car.

The Complete History of the Corvette

The True Meaning Behind The Chevrolet Corvette Logo

The logo consists of two crossed flags: a checkered racing flag on the left and the Chevrolet bowtie on the right. Here's the meaning behind each element of the logo:

Checkered Racing Flag: The checkered flag is a well-known symbol in motorsports, representing the end of a race or a victory. It is commonly associated with racing, speed, and high-performance vehicles. The inclusion of the checkered flag in the Corvette logo emphasizes the car's performance-oriented nature and its association with racing.

Chevrolet Bowtie: The Chevrolet bowtie is the brand's iconic logo, representing the Chevrolet brand itself. The origins of the bowtie logo are not definitively known, but there are a few theories about its meaning. One popular theory suggests that the logo was inspired by a wallpaper design seen by Chevrolet co-founder William C. Durant in a French hotel. He reportedly tore off a small piece of the wallpaper and kept it, later using it as the basis for the Chevrolet emblem. Another theory suggests that the bowtie resembles the cross design from a Swiss flag, paying homage to the Swiss-born Louis Chevrolet, the other co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Company.

By combining the checkered racing flag and the Chevrolet bowtie, the Corvette logo signifies the fusion of performance and the Chevrolet brand's identity. It represents the Corvette's heritage as a high-performance sports car and its association with racing and speed. The logo has become a symbol of the Corvette's distinct character and has remained a recognizable emblem throughout the car's history.

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Chevrolet Corvette Logo Timeline

1of 101953

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1953

The first Corvette logo, designed in 1953 by Robert Bartholomew, featured a round emblem with a white background and two crossed flags.

One of the flags in the original logo depicted a checkered monochrome racing pattern, symbolizing the Corvette's association with motorsports and racing. The second flag was colored red and featured a fleur-de-lis and three horizontal lines, representing the French heritage of the company.

The wordmark of the original logo was divided into two parts. The top part featured the bold and prominent "Chevrolet" lettering, emphasizing the connection to the Chevrolet brand. The bottom part of the logo showcased the word "Corvette" written in an elegant cursive style, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

2of 101955

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1955

In the 1955 logo, the typography was modified, likely with a new font or style to give it a different look and feel. The graphic elements of the logo were transformed into a three-dimensional design, departing from their original flat shape.

At the bottom of the emblem, in front of the crossed flags, a new element was introduced. The letter "V" was incorporated into the design, taking the shape of clock hands. This visual representation of the letter "V" symbolized the presence of V8 engines, which were equipped in all the sports cars of that era. It served as a distinctive mark to emphasize the powerful engine performance associated with the Corvette.

3of 101963

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1963

In 1963, the second Corvette model, known as the StingRay, was introduced. The logo underwent significant changes to reflect this new model.

The bottom part of the logo featured the name "StingRay," which appeared inside a black rectangle located below the word "Corvette." This addition aimed to highlight the specific model within the Corvette lineup.

The "Chevrolet" lettering was removed from the logo, as it was deemed unnecessary for sports car enthusiasts who were already familiar with the brand.

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4of 101968

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1968

In 1968, following the release of the third model of Corvette sports cars, some notable changes were made to the logo design.

The circular shape that was present in previous iterations of the logo was removed, resulting in a new emblem without the circular background.

The designers also adjusted the angle of the depicted flags to make them appear more stable and visually balanced. This modification aimed to enhance the overall aesthetics and convey a sense of solidity and strength.

5of 101982

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1982

In 1982, a significant redesign of the Corvette logo occurred, resulting in a completely different approach to the design.

The redesigned logo featured a circle intersected by a long, thick rectangle. The rectangle was divided into two parts. The left part retained the checkered flag design, representing the car's association with racing and performance. The right part of the rectangle incorporated the Chevrolet symbol, which consists of a bowtie shape, set against a solid background.

This new logo design was a departure from the previous emblem and sought to modernize the Corvette brand image. The incorporation of the checkered flag and Chevrolet symbol emphasized the car's performance heritage as well as its connection to the broader Chevrolet brand.

6of 101997

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 1997

In 1997, with the introduction of the C5 Corvette, the logo underwent another redesign, returning to a more traditional emblem.

The logo featured a switch in the positions of the flags compared to the previous design. The red flag was now positioned on the right side of the emblem, while the monochrome flag was placed on the left side.

This new design aimed to align the logo with the traditional arrangement of the flags, ensuring consistency with previous Corvette logos.

7of 102005

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 2005

In the 2004 redesign, the Corvette logo underwent a transformation to achieve a neater and more compact design. One noticeable change was the removal of the circle that was present in the previous design, which resulted in a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

Additionally, the lines of the flags in the logo were shortened, contributing to the overall compactness of the design. This change likely helped create a more cohesive and balanced logo.

8of 102014

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 2014

In 2014, with the introduction of the seventh generation of Corvette cars, the logo underwent a redesign to create a new symbol for this iteration.

One significant change was the repositioning of the flags into a distinct V-shape. This new arrangement of the flags added a sense of dynamism and visually represented the V-shaped concept associated with the Corvette.

The typography, or lettering, of the logo remained unchanged. However, the letters were now silver in color, providing a metallic appearance that complemented the overall design.

The graphic part of the logo featured a metalized outline with shading. This gave the logo a more three-dimensional and dynamic appearance, adding depth and enhancing its visual impact.

9of 102019

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 2019

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 logo features a design that emphasizes the "V" shape even more than the previous iteration. The developers removed the V-notch at the bottom of the emblem, bringing the flags closer together and enhancing the V-shaped appearance.

In the lettering of the logo, the developers separated the letters, making the brand name easier to read and more distinct.

The colors used in the logo are lighter, providing a fresh and modern look. The upper corners of the emblem are sharper, adding a sense of sleekness and refinement to the design.

The C8 logo, often referred to as the "butterfly" logo, was leaked in February 2019 and later appeared in official renders.

10of 102020-Present

PNGChevrolet Corvette Logo, 2020-Present

The introduction of the mid-engined C8 Corvette represents a significant milestone in the evolution of this iconic American performance nameplate. Alongside this shift, Chevrolet has unveiled a new logo design that reflects the changes and advancements of the C8 model.

The black version of the updated Corvette logo enhances the overall aesthetics of the car, adding to its aggressive and sleek appearance. The use of black can provide a more assertive and striking look, further emphasizing the performance-oriented nature of the Corvette.

By incorporating this black version, Chevrolet aims to enhance the visual impact and convey a sense of power and sophistication. It's an exciting update that contributes to the overall transformation and modernization of the Corvette brand.

How to draw Chevrolet Corvette Logo

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