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5 Car Logos with Flags, Did You Know?

Chevrolet Corvette is our most common car logo with flags patterns.

Car Logos With Flags: Chevrolet Corvette

Flags originated on battlefields as a means of identification and hierarchy. Over the years, they have evolved to incorporate symbols significant to the countries they represent.

A flag is a piece of fabric (most often rectangular or quadrilateral) with a distinctive design and colours. Flags are also used in messaging, advertising, or for decorative purposes.

Considering these factors many car companies opt for this design with the hope that having one will help them reach the creative they want to reach.

These days, you'll find flag symbols used widely by a variety of businesses.

Let’s take a look! Which car logos have flags patterns?

1Chevrolet Corvette

Car Logos With Flags: Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Logo

Chevrolet Corvette is our most common car logo with flags patterns.

The crossed flags have been a part of the Corvette since the car went on sale in 1953. The Chevrolet Corvette logo has dramatically evolved over the years, but some constants have remained.

One flag is a racing-style black-and-white checkered flag. The other is a red flag that carries the Chevrolet “bowtie.” A French fleur-de-lis was included on the red flag as well.


Car Logos With Flags: Ligier

Ligier Logo

Ligier is a French automobile and minibus maker created by former racing driver and rugby player Guy Ligier, specialized in the manufacturing of microcars.

3Spania GTA

Car Logos With Flags: Spania GTA

Spania GTA Logo

Following the example of the large automobile industry companies, an animal figure was chosen as the GTA symbol, in this case the wolf as a symbol of light which represents strength and courage. Besides, this animal happens to be the symbol of the coat of arms of the founder´s and company owner´s surname, Domingo Ochoa.

Of the so-called “aquitano” origin, the surname Ochoa comes from Otxoa, and from the word Otsoa, meaning wolf. The logotype also depicts a red and white chequered flag, these being the distinguishing marks of Spania GTA that has more than 20 years´ motorsport competition behind it.


Car Logos With Flags: Mastretta

Mastretta Logo

Mastretta's logo features a non-sharped shield with the colours of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) and a diagonal black and white racing stripe, representing the Mexican coat of arms. The name "Mastretta" appears across the top.


Car Logos With Flags: OSCA


O.S.C.A. (Officine Specializzate Costruzione Automobili—Fratelli Maserati S.p.A.) was an Italian manufacturer of racing and sports cars established 1947 in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, by the Maserati brothers, and closed down in 1967. Its name is usually abbreviated to OSCA or Osca.

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