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Lamborghini Logo: Meaning, Evolution, and PNG Logo

Ferruccio Lamborghini saw the bull as a powerful and determined animal that embodied the strength and performance of his sports cars.

Lamborghini Logo Evolution

How did Lamborghini get its name?

The name Lamborghini comes from the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini's surname, which means "little lamb" in Italian.

What inspired Lamborghini to make cars?

It is a popular story about the origin of the Lamborghini brand — Lamborghini was inspired to make cars due to his dissatisfaction with his Ferrari car.

As the story goes, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was already a successful businessman in the tractor manufacturing industry, was dissatisfied (he was dissatisfied with the clutch in his Ferrari, which he believed was too fragile) with his Ferrari car and decided to meet with Enzo Ferrari to discuss his concerns. However, Enzo Ferrari allegedly dismissed Lamborghini's complaints and insulted him, telling him to stick to building tractors and leave sports car manufacturing to him. This incident inspired Lamborghini to create his own high-performance sports car brand that would rival Ferrari.

The Prisoner Who Invented Lamborghini

Why is the Lamborghini emblem a bull?

The Lamborghini logo is designed in the shape of a shield and features a black background with a gold outline. The word "Lamborghini" is written in capital letters across the top of the shield, and below it is an image of a golden bull that appears to be charging forward. The bull is depicted in a three-dimensional style and has become an iconic symbol of the Lamborghini brand.

There are two reasons for the use of a bull in the Lamborghini logo:

The first reason is that the company's founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Taurus. Furthermore, the company’s founder had a passion for bullfighting and he would regularly attend bullfighting events. Therefore, Ferruccio Lamborghini believed that this was the perfect image to use on his company’s logo as it was a reflection of himself.

Another reason why Ferruccio Lamborghini chose the bull as the emblem for his sports car company. He believed that the bull is a powerful and majestic animal that represents strength, speed, and determination - all qualities that are reflected in Lamborghini's high-performance sports cars.

In addition to using the bull image in their logo, Lamborghini named many of their models after famous bullfights, further reinforcing the company's association between the brand and this powerful animal. Some of the most famous Lamborghini models named after bulls include the Miura, Diablo, Murciélago, and Aventador. Each model is known for its exceptional performance and design, and they have become icons in the world of luxury sports cars.

Today, the Lamborghini logo, which features a charging bull, has become an iconic symbol of luxury and high-performance automobiles. It is often used in popular culture to represent wealth, power, and exclusivity.

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Lamborghini Logo Timeline

01of 51953

PNGLamborghini Logo, 1953

F, L and C stand for "Ferruccio Lamborghini Cento" respectively.

The original Lamborghini logo was introduced in 1953 and was very simple in design. The logo was a pyramid featuring three triangles with letters F, L, and C in each. These letters were basically initials of "Ferruccio Lamborghini Cento" that were written using a sans-serif typeface font (represented with three different fonts due to the lack of any graphic rules at the time). This is quite different from the iconic emblem that we associate with the luxury brand today.

02of 51963

PNGLamborghini Logo, 1963

The first version of the new Lamborghini logo was introduced in 1963 and featured the iconic bull emblem that we know today. The emblem depicted a monochrome bull in motion on a red shield, with the name "Lamborghini" written in elegant sans-serif lettering. The lettering was conducted in silver, with sharp, thick lines, and a lot of curves, which added to the logo's premium look and feel.

This initial version of the logo was a reflection of the brand's values and identity, conveying luxury, performance, and power. Over the years, the logo has undergone several changes, but the core elements of the bull emblem and the elegant sans-serif lettering have remained constant, reflecting the brand's commitment to innovation, design, and engineering.

03of 51972

PNGLamborghini Logo, 1972

In 1972, the prototype of the current visual identity for the Lamborghini logo was introduced. This version included the gold and black color options and positioned the name "Lamborghini" above the running bull in the shield. The typography was also changed to capital sans-serif letters, providing a more modern and streamlined look.

Over the years, the Lamborghini logo has undergone minor changes, but the basic design has remained the same, with the golden charging bull on a black shield with the word "Lamborghini" written in capital sans-serif letters above it. The logo has become one of the most recognizable and iconic car badges in the world, representing the brand's performance, power, and luxury.

04of 51974

PNGLamborghini Logo, 1974

In 1974, Lamborghini created a slightly different variation of their logo. This version focused on monochrome colors, with a bold sans-serif wordmark in sentence type underneath the charging bull emblem. This variation of the logo provided a more modern and minimalistic look, while still maintaining the iconic bull emblem and the brand's name in capital letters.

05of 51998

PNGLamborghini Logo, 1998-Present

The Lamborghini logo as it stands today is a modernized version of an emblem that we have seen multiple times throughout Lamborghini's history. The golden bull in the logo has been given more detail, with shadow and highlights that demonstrate the strength and muscle of the animal. The golden elements of the logo use gradients to make them appear more realistic and vivid, conveying Lamborghini's inherent energy of motion.

The inscription in the current logo is an all-capital golden version of the Lamborghini name, designed for excellent clarity and consistency. Against the black background, the gold font and bull are the perfect representation of luxury. There is also a gold outline around the black shield, which adds to the logo's premium look and feel.

Overall, the Lamborghini logo has evolved over time to become one of the most iconic and recognizable car badges in the world. The logo's design elements, including the charging bull and the golden color scheme, convey the brand's performance, power, and luxury, making it a symbol of excellence in the automotive industry.

Other Logos

01of 3Lamborghini Wordmark

PNGLamborghini Wordmark, Full

The font used in the Automobili Lamborghini wordmark is a custom typeface that was designed specifically for the brand. The font features sharp, clean lines and a modern, edgy aesthetic that reflects the brand's commitment to innovation and design.

The wordmark is an important part of the Lamborghini brand identity, and it is used to reinforce the brand's values and identity. It is often used in conjunction with the bull emblem to create a cohesive and recognizable brand image that is instantly recognizable all over the world.

02of 3Lamborghini Huracán

PNGLamborghini Huracán Logo

The Lamborghini Huracán's name is indeed inspired by a Spanish fighting bull named Huracán. The bull fought in Alicante, Spain, in August 1879 and was known for its courage and strong sense of attack.

Lamborghini has a long-standing tradition of naming their cars after famous fighting bulls, and the Huracán is no exception. The name is a fitting tribute to the brand's heritage and values, which are rooted in the world of bullfighting and the pursuit of excellence and performance.

03of 3Lamborghini Urus

PNGLamborghini Urus Logo

The Lamborghini Urus name is derived from the name of a large, wild ancestor of domestic cattle that once roamed Europe and Asia. The Urus, also known as the aurochs, was a massive, muscular animal that stood over six feet tall at the shoulder and weighed up to 2,200 pounds. It was a formidable creature that was revered and feared by ancient peoples, and it has long been a symbol of strength, power, and wildness.

The decision to name Lamborghini's SUV after the Urus is fitting, as the vehicle is designed to be a powerful and dynamic SUV that combines the brand's signature performance and style with the practicality and versatility of an SUV. The Urus has a top speed of 190 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUVs on the market.

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How to Draw the Lamborghini Logo

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