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Ferrari Logo vs. Porsche Logo, Why are they Similar?

They are essentially the same horse, both from the coat of arms for Porsche’s home town of Stuttgart in Germany.

Ferrari Logo vs Porsche Logo

In many ways Ferrari is the most iconic of the Italian sports car brands. With plenty of choices and incredible performance in any form, the Porsche sports cars is the benchmark for German sports cars.

Ferrari and Porsche are the most famous sports car brands in the world today. There are some interesting similar characteristics many of Their logos share.

The Ferrari logo and the Porsche logo both feature the same black prancing horse, prompting many to ask: Why are the Ferrari and Porsche logos similar?

Let's see if these horses have the same origin! First, is the Ferrari Logo.

1Ferrari Logo

Origin of Ferrari's Prancing Horse Logo

Origin of Ferrari's Prancing Horse Logo

Originally, the symbol was used by World War I pilot Francesco Baracca on his airplane.

Ferrari’s symbol can be traced to the Italian fighter ace Francesco Baracca who painted the black prancing horse onto the fuselage of his plane. He recorded 34 kills and was killed in 1918, becoming a national hero.

In 1923, a car-loving Italian from Modena called Enzo Ferrari met the mother and father of Baracca. Baracca’s mother told Ferrari to paint the prancing horse on his cars as it would give him good luck. Ferrari did so and added the splash of yellow, the color of his birthplace, Modena.

Ferrari Logo vs. Porsche Logo: Ferrari

The reason Ferrari’s horse is black, not red, is because it was meant to be a symbol of mourning for the fallen pilot.

The Prancing Horse is used as part of Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari logos, on Tifosi's flags and as a Ferrari symbol. The hopping horse reflects the power and nowadays fans of the company instantly feel sports and speed vehicles when they consider the Enzo Ferrari logo.

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2Porsche Logo

Flag of Stuttgart, Germany

Flag of Stuttgart, Germany

The Prancing Horse first existed on the coat of arms of the former state of Weimar, Germany and its capital, Stuttgart. Today, that region is known as Baden-Württemberg, and it shares a border with France.

The horse on the Porsche logo, which was taken from Stuttgart’s Coat of Arms, represents the stud farm (a term for a horse-breeding farm, so “stud farm” in German is Stuttgart or Stuotgarten) on which the city was built.

Ferrari Logo vs. Porsche Logo: Porsche

The Porsche symbol pays homage to Stuttgart, where Porsche’s headquarters are located. Württemberg’s old coat of arms is the Porsche logo’s origins and a part of Germany’s history.

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What isn’t entirely explained is why the coat of arms of a German town appeared on an Italian’s World War I fighter plane.

Some rumors claim that Francesco Baracca used the logo on his plane to honor a vanquished German foe, who’d used the symbol of the prancing pony on his own plane because he was from, you guessed it, Stuttgart.

Here’s why Ferrari’s prancing horse looks suspiciously like the one on Porsche’s Marquee. They are essentially the same horse, the horse on Porsche emblem is from the coat of arms for Porsche’s home town of Stuttgart in Germany.

This means that two of the world's most iconic automobile manufacturers gained inspiration for their badges from the same place.

Which is Better: a Ferrari or a Porsche? Why?

Sports cars from Ferrari tend to be more powerful and expensive than Porsche. Ferrari is an Italian company while Porsche is German and owned by Volkswagen Group.

In terms of excitement, Ferrari wins, but Porsche is a great and practical car. The Porsche wins if it is your only car as Ferrari can take more time and money to get serviced and you would have to rent something.

Of course, Which one is better 'All of it depend on you'.

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