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2022 Most Reliable Car Brands | TOP:1-15

According to Consumer Reports & J.D. Power of the report, Toyota and Lexus is the most reliable car brand—Tie No. 1.

2022 Most Reliable Car Brands

Consumer Reports magazine and J.D.Power have released a list of the most reliable car brands of 2022, with 24 car brands being recognized. For domestic brands in the United States, Lincoln and Buick are considered among the most reliable, with Lincoln ranking 10th and Buick ranking 11th, both ranking in the middle of the pack.

In the top 15 list, 7 are Japanese car brands, with Toyota occupying three seats--Toyota itself, luxury brand Lexus and Subaru (a sub-brand)--ranked 1st, 2nd, and 7th, respectively. Toyota and Lexus both scored 72 overall, with Toyota moving up two spots from last year, Lexus down one, and Subaru unchanged.

However, Lexus's market performance is disappointing compared to its high-reliability score. In 2022, Lexus's sales in the Chinese market plunged 19%, and its sales in the U.S. market also fell 15%. This indirectly led Toyota's sales in the U.S. to drop 9.6%, so some people suspect that the reason for Lexus's high-reliability score is that old owners are more likely to give it a good review!

Honda and its luxury brand Acura came next at No. 5 and No. 8, followed by Mazda at No. 4 and Nissan at No. 15.

In terms of European brands, German luxury brands BMW and Audi rank 3rd and 6th, respectively, followed by Volvo from Northern Europe, which moved up six places from 2021 to 14th place.

In addition, Hyundai-Kia Motors took three top ten spots, with Kia at No. 9, Genisez at No. 12, and Hyundai at No. 13.

2022 Most Reliable Car Brands

Rank Average Scores Brand Country
1 72 Toyota logoToyota Japan
2 72 Lexus logoLexus Japan
3 65 BMW logoBMW Germany
4 65 Mazda Motors logoMazda Japan
5 62 Honda Motor logoHonda Japan
6 60 Audi logoAudi Germany
7 59 Subaru logoSubaru Japan
8 57 Acura logoAcura Japan
9 54 Kia logoKia South Korea
10 54 Lincoln logoLincoln United States
11 54 Buick logoBuick United States
12 52 Genesis logoGenesis South Korea
13 46 Hyundai logoHyundai South Korea
14 45 Volvo logoVolvo Sweden
15 44 Nissan logoNissan Japan

From the above list, it is clear that Japanese automakers have a relatively good reputation for reliability, but they are indeed lagging behind in electric vehicle development. However, Honda announced that they were establishing an electric vehicle division, and Toyota's president Akio Toyoda--who once mocked electric cars--also stepped down. It will be interesting to see how these two companies will move forward with their plans for electric vehicles.

The Bottom Line

A reliable car will start every day and take you to your destination without breaking down. Personally, I really like Toyota. They make really good quality gasoline cars. Toyota vehicles also dominate the list of longest-lasting models. For example, Toyota Sequoia was crowned most durable with 477,185 miles of "potential lifespan." Toyota Land Cruiser came in second with 450,996 miles.

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Rank Company Country
#1 Volkswagen logoVolkswagen Germany
#2 Toyota logoToyota Japan
#3 Honda logoStellantis Netherlands
#4 Mercedes-Benz Group logoMercedes-Benz Group Germany
#5 Ford logoFord Motor United States
Rank Company Country
#1 Michelin logoMichelin France
#2 Bridgestone logoBridgestone Japan
#3 Continental logoContinental Germany
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